TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (2023)

Flat screen TV repair costs by type

The term "flat panel" applies to a variety of TV types, from LCD to the latest 4K and Smart models. A flat screen means that the TV's screen surface is flat and not convex like older models. There can be different types of flat screen TVs, from older LCDs to the newer 4K and Smart TVs. Type affects repair costs as more advanced and expensive televisions have more expensive components to replace or repair. Also, some TV repairs may not always be possible on this type. For example, you cannot replace a plasma TV screen if it cracks and leaks. The table below shows common TV types and the average repair costs for each:

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (1)

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (2)

WriteAverage repair costs (including labor)
LCD$60 - $400
BUILT$60 - $400
4K (Ultra-HD)$100 - $275
OLED$100 - $400
Plasma$100 - $400
Intelligent$100 - $400

LCD TV repair price

LCD TV repairs cost between$60 and $400. LCD TVs are one of the most popular options on the market and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They use a backlit LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen to produce images. Backlight, display and other components can become damaged over time and need to be repaired.

LED TV repair costs

LED TV repairs range from$60 bis $400, depending on the extent of the problem. LED TVs are a specific type of LCD TV that use LED backlights to illuminate the liquid crystal display. These TVs generally produce more colorful and vibrant pictures and are more energy efficient, but the LED backlight may need to be repaired or replaced over time.

Repair costs for 4K TV screens

4K TV repairs range from100 $ bis 275 $. A 4K TV delivers some of the clearest and most detailed images due to the very high resolution of its screen, making for more engaging viewing experiences. There are different types of 4K TVs including some with LED and some with OLED. Basically, a TV is considered 4K if it is Ultra High Definition. These models can be expensive to purchase and repair, but in many cases repairs to these units may not be possible. Therefore, your overall repair costs may be lower simply because some repairs may not be offered.

Repair costs for OLED TVs

OLED TV repairs cost between$100 and $400Average. They are the next step up from a standard LED TV, with OLED standing for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. OLED TVs can achieve deeper blacks and higher contrast compared to standard LED displays. However, they can be very expensive to purchase and repair.

Plasma TV Repair Costs

Average plasma TV repairs100 $ bis 400 $. These televisions consist of gas-filled pixels that light up when an electric current is applied to them. They are less popular today and most companies no longer make them. However, they are still found in many homes and are subject to issues such as screen burn-in and distorted colors. While some repairs are possible on these TVs, many problems cannot be fixed due to their design.

Smart tv repair costs

Smart TV repairs cost between$100 and $400. These TVs feature smart technology and connect to your home's Wi-Fi network to download updates and access apps and the internet. They're more advanced than other TVs, but still have several components that break and need repairing. Many smart TVs may have basic components. Although they are the most expensive to buy, they are not necessarily the most expensive to repair. That depends on how the TV is made and what makes it smart.

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TV repair costs by type of repair

Televisions are made up of different parts and components that all work together to create the lights, colors, images and sounds for your entertainment. Accidents can damage these parts over time, or they can wear out over the years from repeated use. The table below shows common TV repairs and the cost of each.

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (3)

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (4)

repair typeAverage cost (including labor)
Puerto HDMI$60 - $250
speaker$75 - $250
backlight$100 - $150
Investor$100 - $200
water damage$150 - $400
Screen$200 - $400
Table$200 - $400
feeding card$200 - $400

Hdmi connection cost repair tv

Repairing a TV’s HDMI port costs between$60 and $250. Sometimes the HDMI ports slip out of position and may simply need to be repositioned. In other cases, one could stop working due to a more serious error and need a technical repair.

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TV speaker repair costs

TV speaker repair ranges from$75 bis $250, depending on the type and damage of the speaker. Defective speakers may simply need rewiring or minor adjustments or cleaning or replacement, so the exact cost and labor varies.

Backlit TV repair costs

Average backlight repairs$100 bis $150. The backlight illuminates your TV screen, providing brightness and color. Depending on the type of TV you have, it can be LED strips or fluorescent tubes. If these lights develop a problem, a mechanic will have to open them up and make adjustments to get them working again.

TV inverter repair costs

TV inverter repairs cost between$100 and $200everyone. The inverter turns on your TV's backlight and they can stop working if their capacitors break. Repairs are carried out by installing new capacitors in their place.

TV water damage repair cost

Water damage removal on a television is sufficient150 $ bis 400 $. If too much water has entered the TV, it may in some cases be impossible to repair. In less severe situations, a mechanic will take the TV apart, dry it, and successfully reassemble it, repairing any damaged components.

TV screen repair cost

TV screen repairs cost between $200 and $400, but in many cases it is not possible to repair the screen. Because the screen is often the most expensive part of the TV and one of the most vulnerable to bumps and other damage, an expert may advise you to simply buy a new TV rather than have it repaired. It's worth getting a diagnosis if the screen problem isn't too severe, as it can fix issues like flickering pixels or distorted colors.

TV panel repair costs

TV panel repairs cost an average of $200-$400 in some cases, but some panels are beyond repair. For this reason, many companies do not offer panel repair. So if your TV has a crack in the panel, you'd better buy a new one.

TV power board repair cost

Power boards can cost between $200 and $400 to repair. The PSU board allows it to power on and work, and if it breaks somehow it might stop powering on. Often a mechanic can replace some of the capacitors and make other adjustments to fix a bad board instead of having to replace it entirely.

TV repair prices by type of replacement

In some cases, your TV components may not be repairable or it may be cheaper to replace them with new ones. The repair price includes the cost of the new parts as well as the labor required to assemble them in situ and to remove the defective components. Although some components can be replaced, it can be extremely expensive or prohibitively expensive. This is mostly the case with panels and screens as they often contain too many parts to replace on their own. The table below shows the average cost of a variety of common replacement parts:

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (5)

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (6)

ErsatzAverage cost (including labor)
Fusible$60 - $150
capacitor$60 - $200
pear$75 - $200
backlight$100 - $200
picture tube$200 - $300
Puerto HDMI$200 - $300
motherboard$200 - $400
Screen$400 - $1.000+
Table$400 - $5.000+

TV fuse replacement cost

Replacing a fuse in a TV costs between$60 and $150and it's one of the easiest replacement jobs for a mechanic. The glass and ceramic fuses on your TV's power supply board can, in certain situations, blow and need to be replaced. To replace a fuse, the technician opens the TV to access the power panel and changes the fuse.

TV condenser replacement cost

Replacing a TV capacitor is inexpensive, starting at$60 bis $200. If more than one capacitor needs to be replaced, it's usually cheaper to replace the entire board. Capacitors cannot be repaired, so replacement is the only option.

Cost of replacing a TV lamp

Average cost to replace a TV light bulb$75 bis $200. Light bulbs are generally only found in older models of LCD TVs or projection TVs. They are used to illuminate the screen so the image can be seen. Incandescent bulbs are relatively easy to replace, but the cost of materials is slightly higher for incandescent bulbs compared to other components, causing replacement prices to vary from model to model.

TV backlight replacement cost

Replacing the TV backlight costs between$100 and $200on average, depending on the size and size of the TV, as well as the type and number of lamps required. If you have LED lights, the parts can be more expensive, resulting in a higher overall cost. Usually when backlight problems occur, the bulbs or diodes are dead and need to be replaced.

Cost of replacing a TV picture tube

Picture tube replacement ranges from$200 bis $300Average. Picture tubes, also known as cathode ray tubes or CRTs, are only used in older televisions. So this is not a replacement job to worry about with an LED or LCD TV.

Cost to replace an HDMI port on a TV

Replacing the HDMI connector on a TV costs between$200 and $300. Damaged or defective connectors may simply stop working or be incompatible with certain HDMI cables. In this case, a new port needs to be installed and connected to the PCB, which requires a few man-hours.

Replacement of the TV motherboard

Average TV motherboard replacement$200 bis $400. When a problem occurs with a motherboard, it is often the case that the entire motherboard needs to be replaced rather than repaired. The motherboard controls the functions and features of the TV, and a defective motherboard will render your TV completely unusable.

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TV screen replacement costs

Minimum cost of replacing the TV screen400 $ bis 1.000 $and often much more. The screen is the most expensive part of a TV. Typically, the cost of replacing is higher than buying a new device. In some cases, this is because the screen cannot be replaced without also replacing most of the other components, especially in the case of TVs such as LED, LCD or plasma. Most professional repair companies do not offer screen or panel replacement as a service.

TV panel replacement cost

Replacing the TV panel will cost at least$400 bis $5.000and often a lot more on some of the higher-end 4K and smart displays. Because the cost of a replacement panel is so high, it's usually cheaper to just buy a new TV. As with the screen, this is due to the number of components involved. Therefore, most repair shops do not offer panel replacement as a service.

TV repair prices by problem

At first you may not know exactly which part of your TV is broken or damaged. Symptoms of a broken TV range from colored vertical lines on the screen to audio issues, power issues and even situations where the TV turns on normally but then turns itself off. Because of this, most repairs begin with a diagnosis to find the problem and create a repair plan. Some repairs will require replacement of the part, while in other cases repair or replacement of that part may not be possible. The table below shows common problems and the average repair cost for each problem.

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (7)

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (8)

ProblemAverage repair costs (including labor)
The TV does not turn on$60 - $400
Damaged wires$75 - $200
Without sound$75 - $400
The screen turns on and goes blank$100 - $200
vertical lines$150 - $400
horizontal lines$150 - $400
Broken screen$400 - $1.000+

The TV does not turn on

Repairing a TV that won't turn on will cost between$60 and $400because there are many possible causes. It can be something as simple as a blown fuse, which can be replaced quite cheaply. Or it could be a motherboard or power supply issue that is more expensive to fix.

Damaged wires

Damaged cables for your TV can be repaired in between$75 and $200In most cases. Over time, cables can fray, twist or break, but professionals can cut out damaged parts, add new connectors and repair the damage, or simply replace defective cables with new ones.

no sound on a tv

Expect to pay between$75 and $400fix no sound tv There are several reasons why your TV sound has stopped working. Most likely it is a defective speaker that can be repaired or replaced. Or it could be a deeper issue related to the motherboard that may also need to be repaired or replaced.

The image appears momentarily, then the screen goes blank

Repairs for this problem cost between$100 and $200. If the image appears briefly on your TV and then disappears, there is most likely an inverter problem. A mechanic opens it, diagnoses the problem and decides on the most efficient solution.

Vertical lines on a TV screen

Correct vertical lines on screen averages150 $ bis 400 $. This is usually a problem related to your TV's control board or motherboard, which may be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. It could also be a loose cable, but it needs to be opened up to diagnose and fix the problem.

Horizontal lines on a TV

Fixing your TV's horizontal lines costs between$150 and $400. It could be a problem with the motherboard or it could be a problem with loose cables between the panel and the control board. To fix this problem, a professional mechanic should open and analyze the TV.

broken tv screen

Repairing a broken TV screen costs from400 $ bis 1.000 $or even more. Cracked screens cannot be repaired, only replaced, and they are very expensive, sometimes exceeding the cost of a new television. Because of this, you'll likely need to replace a cracked screen entirely.

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TV repair costs by brand

There are many different brands and companies that make televisions. Some brands specialize in certain species, while others make a broader range of products. It is common for the brand to affect the cost of the repair as there may be certain issues or costs associated with that brand.


While you can choose a specific brand based on technology, cost, or resolution, remember that brands can also have variable costs for repairs and the types of repairs that may be available. Regardless of the brand, most TV repairs fall in between$60 and $400, although some repairs may be higher.

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (9)

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (10)

MarkeRepair costs (including labor)
Philips$60 - $100
Sony$60 - $400
TCL$60 - $400
Samsung$75 - $200
LG$75 - $400
Hisense$100 - $200
Panasonic$200 - $400
Vizio$200 - $400

Repair costs Philips TV

The cost of repairing a Philips TV is$60 bis $100. The typical problem with Philips TVs seems to be that they have a mind of their own. They turn on and off randomly and log in and out of apps. While there doesn't seem to be a fix anytime soon, Philips keeps losing customers due to a firmware issue.

Sony TV repair costs

Sony TV repair will cost you about$60 bis $400. This popular brand has a reputation for being handicapped without power or sound. Unfortunately, Sony's customer support isn't always the best. Customers are often frustrated when it comes to warranty work.

TCL TV repair costs

To fix your TCL TV blank screen, you should expect to pay about$60 bis $400. A characteristic repair of the TCL brand is a black screen with no image. This could be a blown fuse or require a major change like a new motherboard.

Samsung TV repair costs

Damaged cables can cause a TV to flicker or dim. The repair prices for damaged cables are$75 bis $200. Samsung TV owners cite this screen dimming or flickering as a common problem with this brand. Sometimes setting eco1 sensor or energy saving function causes this problem. Turning off any of them may fix the problem.

LG tv repair cost

Some of the most common issues with this brand are belts with repair costs from$100 bis $200or clay at a price of150 $ bis 400 $. Color issues can be related to fit and can be fixed for a small cost$75 bis $100, HDMI connections are often chargeable$200 bis $300, and transmission problems can be fixed with a software update. Software upgrades can be performed by the owner, but a repairer will most likely charge a minimal fee$75 bis $100. The banding shows up as banded sections where they should be smooth. Tone and color can fade over time with the LG brand. HDMI and streaming can get tricky as technologies emerge and change.

Hisense TV repair costs

Hisense TVs have had display issues in the past and could cost you$100 bis $200. This usually means you need a new inverter, or it could be the beginning of the end for your Hisense TV.

Repair costs for Panasonic TVs

Panasonic TV owners experience frequent on and off cycles and may need a new motherboard at the cost of$200 bis $400. The reset button can help. The mechanic has to replace the motherboard of the TV when it fails.

Vizio TV repair costs

The Vizio TV is known for its screen of death (a black or white screen) and usually costs around$200 bis $400. The problem is usually a blown motherboard, and replacing it is the only option. A factory reset can be a solution. If that doesn't work, the motherboard is the best possible answer.

Labor costs for repairing a television

The labor cost to repair the TV depends on whether you are having the TV repaired at home or taking it to a repair center. Having someone come to your house will cost more than taking you to a technician.

A television repair technician has earned a professional certificate or associate's degree in electrical engineering or a related field. Expect to pay between$40 and $60per hour worked to have someone fix your TV. Some technicians have minimal costs for some repairs, especially if they travel to you. In this case, you may find that even if the repair only takes an hour, you may still have to pay at least two hours of labor.

How long it takes to repair your TV depends on the problem and the availability of replacement parts. Most orders can be completed in 1-3 hours if parts are available.

Most technicians will charge you a diagnostic fee up front. This charge is to determine what the problem is and can be run in between$75 and $150. The costs are often eliminated if you let the workshop technicians do the repairs for you.

TV Repair Cost 2022 | TV screen repair costs (11)

Replacing or repairing a television

You often have to decide if your TV is worth repairing, as in many situations the cost of repairs exceeds the price of a new TV. For example, when screens are cracked or damaged, the cost of replacing a panel is often much more than simply buying a new TV.

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Consumer Reports recommends replacing electronic equipment when the cost of repair is equal to or more than half the cost of a new purchase. It is also recommended that you replace your TV if the new version is smaller than$200, or if your screen is smaller than 32 inches. For example, it costs approx$150for a new motherboard in a 24-inch TV LG model 24LF452B, which takes about an hour to repair. As a result, you would pay between$190 and $210to fix your old equipment while it is possible to buy a new one for less money.

If you have a lot of money invested in your TV, the cost of repairing an inverter or getting a new backlight can be a lot cheaper than replacing it. For this reason, it's often best to have a professional diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate for the repair. Then you can compare the repair price to the cost of a new TV and decide what makes sense. If your TV breaks repeatedly, you'll have multiple repair bills over the course of a year. It may be time to buy a new TV, even if a single repair doesn't seem too expensive.


To minimize repairs and help your TV last as long as possible, take care of it as best you can. Here are some helpful TV maintenance tips:

  • Don't leave the TV on when you're not watching it. They can run for tens of thousands of hours, but there's no need to waste those hours. So avoid leaving it on in the background and be sure to turn it off when you leave the room.
  • Try not to leave your TV on for too long. Like other devices, televisions can become very hot the longer they are left on. They should be turned off from time to time to allow them to cool down and rest before turning them back on.
  • Keep your TV clean. Over time, dust, pet hair, and debris can accumulate on the screen and enter the TV through the vents and ports. This accumulation of dust can affect a TV's performance and make it more likely to fail.
  • Consider using a surge protector to protect your TV and associated equipment and devices. This can be especially important in areas that experience a lot of storms or frequent power outages, as sudden outages and power surges can easily damage your TV's components.
  • When placing your TV, leave space around it to allow air circulation. This will prevent the TV from overheating and will cool it down faster when you turn it off.

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • homemade. In some cases, TV repair can be done as a DIY project. There are numerous instructional videos that are easy to watch and understand. Parts for most games are also available online. However, if you are unfamiliar with the process, always call a technician instead of attempting the repair yourself.
  • DIY problem. While home repairs are often possible, they are not often recommended. There is some risk of electric shock and you could also further damage the TV if you incorrectly install a T-Con board or ribbon connectors. When in doubt, it's best to leave this job to a professional.
  • obvious solutions. Before looking for repairs, look for the obvious first. If your computer won't turn on, there may be a problem with your electrical outlet and not your TV. Try plugging your TV into a different outlet to see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn't solve the problem, make sure a breaker hasn't tripped and check that the power cord is properly seated.
  • remote control. A device that turns on and off randomly is sometimes due to problems with the remote control. Try removing and swapping the batteries, or try a different remote control if possible.
  • Guarantee. When buying a new TV, purchasing an extended warranty can in some cases save you the unwanted expense of repair bills. A warranty extension is largely based on the price of your television. Expect to spend 10 to 20 percent of the cost of your equipment on an extended warranty to cover damage. Ordinary warranties only cover manufacturing defects and therefore cannot be used for damage due to negligence or accidents.
  • Warranty repairs. If you are doing warranty repairs, if possible leave the assembly at a local repair shop or ask them to visit you. If you need to ship the TV, get a tracking number so you can locate your TV if it's lost.
  • Fraud. TV repair scams are common. Before you hire someone to fix your TV, find out what experience and training they have. Also check references and online reviews.
  • Repairs in the workshop. In-store TV repair charges may apply for collection and delivery if you do not do this yourself. While some can do this for free, others charge in between$40 and $75pick up and return the TV. Also, customers living in rural areas may need to ship the TV. If you do this, make sure you get a tracking number and proof of delivery. The repair service will contact you with the list of recommended repairs and the cost, and will require a debit or credit card to pay for the repairs before they are completed.

frequently asked questions

  • How much does a TV repair cost?

TV repair costs vary widely, but the average consumer pays in between$100 and $300. Prices depend on the make, model and size of your game, as well as parts availability. It is usually more expensive to repair an older model than to replace it. New TVs are becoming more affordable every year, but the price of parts remains constant or even increases as older parts become scarce.

  • Can a flat screen TV be repaired?

Yes, flat screen TVs can often be repaired, including problems with the screen, sound, lights, cables, and internal components. However, there are situations where flat screen TVs cannot be repaired, such as: B. if the screen has cracked a lot.

  • How do I fix a broken TV screen?

Not all television screens can be repaired or replaced. Certain types have components behind the screen that can be damaged if removed. However, if you want to continue, disconnect all external cables, unplug the computer, and lay it face-down on a soft, flat surface. Remove the screws holding the frame in place, then carefully remove the frame and set it aside. Put your new display in place and reconnect the internal cables the same way you disconnected them. It is usually best to hire a professional to repair TVs and the cost of replacing screens is often very high. Therefore, it may be more profitable to buy a new TV.

  • How many years does a flat screen TV last?

This depends on the make and model of your TV and your viewing habits. Many modern televisions have a lifespan of 60,000 hours or more, which is more than 30 years for a typical person. However, its lifespan can be shortened if it is not properly maintained and cared for.

  • Does turning off the TV shorten your life?

No, turning off a TV does not usually shorten its lifespan in any way. In fact, it's recommended that you turn off TVs when you're not using them to allow them to cool down and prolong their lifespan.

  • Can you leave the TV on all night?

This is not recommended. Leaving a TV on for too long can overheat it, which can damage internal components like the motherboard. You can also damage the screen and risk "burning" an image on the screen, as well as damaging the backlight.

  • Do smart TVs use more electricity?

Generally not. Most modern Smart TVs are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, with some models even using less power than traditional TVs. It all depends on the brand and model of the TV.

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How expensive is it to fix a TV screen? ›

Repairing a TV screen costs $200 to $1,000. However, the screen is one of the most expensive parts of the device and it's sensitive, too, so if the screen is cracked, it may make more financial sense to buy a new TV.

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen? ›

Whether or not it's worth it to fix a cracked TV screen depends on how much damage was caused by the accident. If it's a small crack, you may only need to fix the screen itself, but if the impact was severe, multiple components might need to be replaced.

How much does Best Buy charge to repair TVs? ›

*Pricing reflects average national repair cost. Actual repair cost may vary by service provider or by region. Updated November 2021.
Average TV repair costs without Geek Squad Protection.*
TV panel$1,000 to $4,200
Power supply$277
1 more row

How much does it cost to replace a 32 inch TV screen? ›

8000 to Rs. 8500 for a LG 32-inch Led TV screen replacement. If you want more cost effective solution for your LG Panel replacement than we can Install another panel in your LG LED TV that are used by Micromax, MI, Intex and other local Brand.

Can a cracked screen on a TV be replaced? ›

Broken TV screens cannot be fixed, they have to be replaced. Finding a replacement screen is usually the problem and if you do find one then most probably it is half the cost of a new TV.

Are TV screens easy to replace? ›

It is not recommended you attempt to repair a TV yourself. It can be a very complex job and if done incorrectly can risk further damage to the TV, or yourself. In addition, you may struggle to source the parts, especially at a price that makes repair worth the cost.

Can a cracked Samsung TV screen be fixed? ›

If your TV is bigger than 32 inches, you can have it repaired by a local Samsung Repair center. There are a few things you should take care of before getting it serviced. If you haven't done so already, find a Repair Center near you and set up an appointment.

Is it better to repair a TV or buy a new one? ›

If you have a newer model, however, repairing it could greatly extend its life. Typically, TVs should function properly for around 30,000 to 60,000 hours. If your TV is under ten years old, has a diagnosable issue, and the repair costs less than half the price of a new TV, then repairing it might be the best option.


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