The best dog nail clippers 2023 (2023)

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (1)

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (2)

Updated November 29, 2022

Since then, we have stopped outsourcing all workcoronavirus pandemicHitting, cutting our dog's claws is perhaps the most stressful.

After all, it's the rare pup that responds eagerly to the groomer the way we humans would enjoy a relaxing pedicure. As it is necessary to pierce their delicate paws with blades, it is even more tense to have a frightened and struggling subject.

That's why having the right nail clipper tool is an absolute must - be it super-sharp scissors, a smooth and efficient guillotine cutter or a gentle and non-intimidating nail sharpener like a Dremel. Pliers scissors are the more traditional type, and if you opt for this variety, there's nothing better than the Ultradurable.Epica professional nail clippers (available on amazon).

If you're a new dog owner or just want to upgrade all of your pet's gear, adding a great one might not be a bad idea.CollarEDog collaralso for your dog's pile of equipment. Your dog probably deserves a walk after clipping his claws, right?

After looking at the best nail clippers for dogs, we found that the best cut even the thickest nails in no time. A clearly defined safety guard ensures you don't stick your dog in the crowbar - the delicate collection of nerves and blood vessels that shows up as a dark circle right after the end of the pure, nerveless claw.

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best overall

Epica Pet nail clippers

The king of trimmers, these simple scissor-style trimmers don't look much different from similar trimmers, but this model manages to surpass them in every way. His main strength is, well, strength.

Because of this, these clippers have been our personal choice for our own dog, whose long, black claws are virtually impenetrable. The semi-circular sharp blades wrap around the nail so you can see exactly where you're cutting and a quick guard keeps you from going too deep so you don't have to worry about cutting the nail.

Rubber-coated handles are comfortable to hold and squeeze, an easy-to-use safety latch keeps them closed when not in use, and the set comes with a lifetime warranty. Not bad for a hair clipper that only costs $10.


  • especially strong

  • Robust

  • Lifetime warranty


  • May be too strong for smaller pets

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (5) The best dog nail clippers 2023 (6)

Bester Guillotine-Stil

Resco Original guillotine nail clipper

The true inventor of the guillotine-style hair clipper, US-based Resco has been in business since 1937. They have remained an industry leader ever since (often used by veterinarians and zoo keepers), and if a clipper tells us of our long-term relationship with Epica, that is.

These nail clippers cut so quickly and precisely that our pup barely felt the pressure, which could turn a stressful and tedious job into a two-minute snapshot. Available in multiple sizes (there's even a special option for small pets like ferrets and lizards), the trimmer is sized appropriately for every job.

A powder coating provides a non-slip grip and added comfort. Replacement blades are available and Resco also offers a lifetime warranty. No wonder the American company has stood the test of time!


  • Fast

  • Efficient

  • Available in various sizes


  • Downward pressure can be uncomfortable for some dogs.

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (7)

Boshel nail clippers and trimmers for dogs

We find this set of scissors particularly comfortable thanks to their ergonomic, wide, padded handles that are easy to handle and can be easily pressed together with a tension spring.

The Boshel includes the all-important "safety stop" to keep you from cutting too far inwards, and there's even a cute mini nail file that conveniently fits into the handle for storage.

The stainless steel blades are reasonably sharp but may take some effort to get through thicker nails.


  • ergonomic

  • Easy to use

  • Including Nagelfile


  • Requires some effort with hard nails

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (8)

Dremel Pet 7760 PawControl Pet Nail File Kit

This highly established power tool company was the first to repurpose its signature product for trimming dogs' nails. And they take this task as seriously as heavy construction projects.

This kit is no joke. It comes with a variety of interchangeable and removable grinding drums, belts and attachments for a streamlined and effective hoof trimming experience. This means that the grinder is not immediately ready for use. There are some potentially confusing settings, and you have to charge it for 2.5 hours first.

It's also quite bulky - which can make its owner uncomfortable with prolonged use - and very noisy; So it's possible that your dog barked at the noise.


  • professional quality

  • bladeless cuts

  • including accessories


  • It takes more than 2 hours to charge

  • Mar

  • assembly required

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (9)

Safari professional nail clipper

Available in small/medium and medium/large sizes, the Safari can accommodate a variety of nail types, and the dual stainless steel blades look pretty sharp and durable for such an affordable clipper.

Unfortunately, our hands quickly cramped using it, and we found the various locking mechanisms difficult to operate.


  • Available in various sizes

  • Accessible


  • inconvenient to handle

  • Rigid locking mechanisms

The best dog nail clippers 2023 (10)

What You Should Know About Buying Dog Clippers

There are different types of dog nail trimmers that we've reviewed for this guide.

Scissors:The most common type of cutting tool, these plier-type tools have steel blades that cut the tips of nails when the handle is squeezed. Ideally, they also include quick-stop protection so you don't get hurt.

mills:This electric option, as opposed to a blade, uses a rotating grinding wheel to gradually wear down the nail tips.

Guillotine:As the name suggests, these clippers have a hole for the nail to go through. The handle is squeezed to lower a blade that cuts the nail vertically instead of horizontally.

Since this is a cutting tool, it goes without saying that the blade must be made of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to dullness, bacteria and rust; and while the special features are nice (like sandpaper threaded through the handle!), safety is paramount. The biggest danger for your dog is accidentally cutting the nail. So make sure the trimmer has a quick guard to avoid over-cutting.

What type of clipping is best for my dog?

The most important thing dog owners can do when choosing the right clipper is to make sure it is the right size for their dog. Small clippers cannot handle the density of a large dog's thick claws, while a large clipper can be clumsy and aggressive against the delicate claws of small or medium dogs.

Classic clippers come in small and large sizes and almost always come with a quick guard, but if your pet twitches its paw while cutting, it could mean you've accidentally cut too much of the nail (or worse!).

A grinder offers a smooth, less abrupt way to trim and polish your pet's claws, although you'll need to do some work to get them used to the buzzing.

A guillotine pet nail clipper is also effective on small dogs or even cats, although animals may be uncomfortable with the strong downward pressure.

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