The 10 Best Amazon Alternatives for Buying Books Online (2023)

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When it comes to buying books online, Amazon is the biggest name in the business. But it's far from perfect. Other online bookstores are often cheaper and more experienced in niche genres.

So, to give you more choice when buying books, we have compiled a list of the best Amazon alternatives for books.

1.Powell's books

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Based in Portland, Oregon, this bookstore has physical locations at multiple locations around the city and a website geared toward those of us who don't live in Portland.

The website is easy to use and well organized. There you will find new and used books as well as various software, CDs and DVDs. To help you choose, see Team Tips for several recommendations to help you.decide which books you want to read next, including some books of the month and wish list. Powell's also offers you the opportunity to sell your own books online and in-store.

Powell's is particularly distinguished by the fact that it regularly offers exclusive editions of signed author's books. However, pay attention to the shipping costs. They are more expensive than some of their competitors.

The company's returns policy is also surprisingly strict; You cannot receive refunds for book orders in quantities of 10 or more (of the same title) or for open-end games, DVDs, or books that come with electronic media.


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Books-A-Million (BAM) was founded in Alabama in 1917. It is now the second largest bookseller in the United States and one of the top places to buy books. It has physical stores and in recent years has also become an online bookstore.

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BAM offers a diverse inventory that includes new, used and bargain books, often with attractive price tags. You can also find toys, games and magazines and e-books on the site.

The biggest disadvantage of BAM is the lack of support for selling your own books. If you're the kind of person who enjoys swapping titles with other readers, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Find your next great read at Books-A-Million


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This online bookstore operates only through third-party bookstores. So when you buy a book from Alibris, you are buying from an independent bookstore. This makes the platform perfect for anyone looking for used, rare or collectible titles such as first editions, antique titles and autographed copies.

The site often offers various book discounts in the form of coupons, student discounts, and even a whole host of $0.99 titles. Alibris also offers free shipping on all items.

In addition to fiction and non-fiction, you will also find educational, cookery, hobby and children's books.

Unfortunately, you are again confronted with a complicated return policy. Because you are buying from different independent sellers, policies vary from seller to seller. Make sure you understand your seller's policies before committing to a purchase.

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Buy books from Alibris today

4.peach stone

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Peachpit is a Pearson brand specializing in the sale of books, e-books and other educational materials to creative professionals. Here you'll find a wide selection of photography-related titles, everything you need to get started with Adobe Photoshop, academic resources for web design and development, and video creation guides.

This bookstore doesn't just focus on printed books, but offers online courses and digital materials for students on the go. The site even hosts a blog where you can find community members' insights on using software and gadgets and adopting a digital lifestyle.

The downside is the cost. Some titles seem a bit expensive. However, Peachpit does offer a discount system, including weekly sales and promotional packages, that can save you money.

5.Barnes & Noble

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If you're looking for a bookstore other than Amazon, Barnes & Noble is a good choice. Barnes & Noble is one of the largest online booksellers with over five million titles to choose from and hundreds of physical bookstores. It is also one of the best online bookstores other than Amazon.

You should check out Barnes and Noble if you want to buy many items at once without paying additional shipping costs. It's free when you reach the minimum order of $35. And if you're not satisfied, you have 14 days to return your books.

Check out Barnes & Noble's extensive range of books

6.value books

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Valore Books is an online bookstore specializing in textbooks. Provides a great opportunity to save money on textbooks by purchasing used and/or older editions.

The site also offers book rentals at an even lower cost, as well as buybacks. At the same time, the two functions allow you to save money, and the company can increase its inventory of books for rent to other users.

You will not find any books other than textbooks for sale. If you like reading fiction, give this shop a try.


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BetterWorldBooks is not just a bookstore, but a charity with a mission to change the world by improving literacy around the world. In addition to buying and selling books, the company accepts book donations to be reused or recycled in global literacy initiatives.

There are many options in the new and used book categories that can be browsed by genre. You will find manythe best new books to readjust like the classics. The company also offers free shipping and a flexible return policy (note that refunds can take up to 60 days to post to your account).


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Thriftbooks is one of the best online bookstores for cheap used books; offers some of the most competitive prices on the web.

In fact, the company is the largest independent bookstore in the world. Each book used in the site's inventory is rated manually, allowing you to accurately assess the book's quality before hitting the buy button.

The selection of books at ThirftBooks is impressive. This is partly due to the large number of users who donate books. However, this is mainly due to the company's relationship with libraries. They ship many books from the former library to ThirftBooks, which they then sell to consumers at rock-bottom prices.

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Buy cheap and used books at Thriftbooks

The 10 Best Amazon Alternatives for Buying Books Online (9) tries to take on Amazon by supporting local, independent bookstores. It offers several tools to do this, including a local store map that allows you to direct 100% of profits to a specific outlet, and an affiliate program that gives 10% of profits to participating stores. Even better, 75% of all profits go to businesses, publications and authors in the broader literary community.

You can use to buy fiction, nonfiction, children's books, and even Spanish language books and puzzle books.


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Our final recommendation for where to buy books besides Amazon is Biblio. It specializes in used, rare and out of print books from independent bookstores, which means the titles you find on Biblio are unlikely to appear in Amazon's bookstore.

The site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and guarantees that all of their worldwide shipments are 100% carbon offset.

What are the best online bookstores?

While all of the above online bookstores have their perks, Amazon is still one of the most recognizable names in the business. Their website is extremely user-friendly, ships internationally, has a large selection of books of all kinds, and makes it easy to find a specific book quickly.

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At the same time, more and more people are trying to avoid using Amazon in favor of smaller and potentially more ethical businesses. We won't say which approach is the right one; Just make sure you find an online bookstore that suits your needs.


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